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Volume Eight
'Still More from the Fabulous 'Flapper' Years'
52 recordings from 1926 to 1932
featuring the orchestras of
Justin Ring
Tom (Gerun) Gerunovitch
Al Lentz and
Arnold Johnson

Crystal Stream Audio 2023
IDCD501 Total playing time: 78.10
IDCD502 Total playing time: 79.50
Double CD
FIRST CD: Justin Ring and His Orchestra: Cheerie Cheerie Be; Miss Annabelle Lee; Oh! Doris, Where Do You Live?; Roam On, My Little Gypsy Sweetheart; My Angeline; True Blue Lou; My Bluebird was Caught in the Rain; Gee, But I'd Like to Make You Happy; Looking for the Lovelight in the Dark; Sing a Happy Little Thing; Ill Be Blue Just Thinking of You (From Now On); Somewhere in Old Wyoming; Little Spanish Dancer; Say "Hello" to the Folks Back Home; Lady, Play Your Mandolin; Chimes of Spring (Spring, Beautiful Spring); Roll on Mississippi, Roll On; On the Beach with You; I'm Keepin' Company; As Long as You're There; Tom (Gerun) Gerunovitch and His Orchestra: There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder; My Gal Sal; Am I Blue?; Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder; A Cheerful Little Earful; Nine Little Miles From Ten-Ten-Tennessee.
SECOND CD: Tom (Gerun) Gerunovitch and His Orchestra (cont.): By My Side; If You Should Ever Need Me (You'll Always Find Me Here); Sweethearts Forever; Threes a Crowd; Al Lentz and His Orchestra: Susie's Feller; On One But You Know How to Love; Elsie Schultz-en-Heim; How Could Red Riding Hood?; I Never See Maggie Alone; If I Didn't Know Your Husband and You Didn't Know My Wife; Sam, the Old Accordion Man; Oh Doris, Where Do You Live?; When I Ring Your Front Door Bell; Ill Think of You; Arnold Johnson and His Orchestra: Happy-Go-Lucky Lane; Together; What's the Reason; Get Your Man; I'm on the Crest of a Wave;; Georgie Porgie; What D'Ya Say; Ev'rybody Loves You; Me and the Man in the Moon; My Inspiration is You; Breakaway; Big City Blues.

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Volume Seven
'More from the Fabulous 'Flapper' Years'
52 recordings from 1925 to 1930
featuring the orchestras of
Mike Markel
Edwin J. McEnelly
Art Landry and
Louis Katzman

Crystal Stream Audio 2022
IDCD482 Total playing time: 78.04
IDCD483 Total playing time: 78.22
Double CD
FIRST CD: Mike Markel and His Orchestra: Don't Bother Me; Hello, Aloha, How Are You?; Hi Ho The Merrio (As Long as She Loves Me); Precious; Hello Swanee, Hello; The Doll Dance; Red Lips Kiss My Blues Away; Under the Moon; Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella; Edwin J. McEnelly and His Orchestra: Spanish Shawl; Normandy; What a Blue Eyed Baby Are You; Moonlight in Mandalay; That Night in Araby; Tuck In Kentucky; Just Cross the River From Queens; My Sunday Girl; What Are We Waiting For?; Jo-Anne; All of the Time; Art Landry and His Orchestra: Sleepy-Time Gal; Swamp Blues; Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; Don't Wait Too Long; Slippery Elm.
SECOND CD: Art Landry and His Orchestra: Just Around the Corner; I'm Walking Around in Circles; For My Sweetheart; Tell Me You Love Me; While the Years Go Drifting By; That's Annabelle; Song of the Wanderer; Hello Bluebird; Hugs and Kisses; I Don't Mind Being All Alone; Louis Katzman and His Orchestra (*on label as The Anglo-Persians): You Flew Away From the Nest; Don't Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream; Blue Idol*; Ragging the Scale*; Love Came Back to Me; Redskin; Dardanella; Dance of the Paper Dolls*; Peasant Love Song; Once Upon a Time; A Cottage for Sale*; Watching My Dreams Go By*; I Bring a Love Song*; Siboney*.

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Volume Six
'The Fabulous 'Flapper' Years'
52 recordings from 1926 to 1929
featuring the Eight Radio Stars
and the orchestras of
Frank Black
Herbert Gordon
Charley Straight and
Harry Archer

Crystal Stream Audio 2021
IDCD457 Total playing time: 79.25
IDCD458 Total playing time: 79.25
Double CD
FIRST CD: Frank Black and His Orchestra: The Two of Us; Don't Be Angry with Me; A Tree in the Park; Where's That Rainbow; Strum My Blues Away; My Idea of Heaven; It's a Million to One You're in Love; Under the moon; The Varsity Drag; The Best Things in Life are Free; Dawning; There's a Rickety-Rackety Shack; Away Down South in Heaven; Herbert Gordon's Orchestras: Thou Swell; Coquette; My Rainbow; It Was the Dawn of Love; Adoree; Jo-Anne; If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have the Rain); Jericho; Then We Canoe-dle-Oodle Along; Sweet Seventeen; Reaching for Someone and Not Finding Anyone There; I Could Do It for You; The Things We Want the Most are Hard to Get.
SECOND CD: Charley Straight and His Orchestra: What a Man; Hi-Diddle-Diddle; Her Beaus are Only Rainbows; Tell Me Tonight; What's the Use of Crying?; Nesting Time; Side By Side; Everywhere You Go; That's What I Call Keen; Persian Rug; Too Busy; Waiting and Dreaming; Do You, Don't You?; Eight Radio Stars: My Annapolis; I Found Happiness (When I Found You); A Happy Ending; Always in My Heart; Under the Stars of Havana: Harry Archer and His Orchestra: When Day is Done; There Ain't No Maybe in My Baby's Eyes; I'll Always Remember You; Gorgeous; Way Back When; Rain; Up in the Clouds; Thinking of You.

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Volume Five

© Crystal Stream Audio 2009 IDCD189
Total playing time: 78.08

Bert Lown & His Hotel Biltmore Orch: Through; Hello Baby; Bye Bye Blues; Vincent Lopez & His Orch: Little White Lies; Here Comes the Sun; Cheerful Little Earful; Lonesome Lover; Hit-of-the-Week Orch: I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You; My Blue Bird was Caught in the Rain; If I Could be with You One Hour Tonight; Sweetheart of My Student Days; Tears; Dick Robertson & His Collegians: Moonlight on the Colorado; Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble: Three Little Words; Maybe It's Love; Something to Remember You By; Hello Beautiful; I Surrender Dear; Benrus Radio Orch: I'm Yours; Harry Reser's Radio Band: Sweet Jennie Lee; When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Dick Robertson's Orch: By the River Sainte Marie; The New York Twelve: Let's Get Friendly; Don Voorhees Orch: I'm Thru with Love; I Found a Million Dollars Baby; Sam Lanin's Orch: Pardon Me, Pretty Baby.

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Volume Four

© Crystal Stream Audio 2006 IDCD142
Total playing time: 78.24

Carl Fenton - Lady Be Good; Fascinating Rhythm; Ben Selvin - Poor Little Rich Girl; A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You; In a Little Spanish Town; Trail of Dreams; Dream Lover; Harry Reser - Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again; Ben Bernie - Reaching for the Moon; Cherie, I Love You; Phil Ohman & Victor Arden - The Girl Friend; Nat Shilkret - When Day is Done; The More We are Together; Diane; Frank Black - The Best Things in Life are Free; Guy Lombardo - Where the Shy Little Violets Grow; Ted Wallace - I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You); Frankie Trumbauer - Wait 'till You See Ma Cherie; Ray Nichols - Louise; Charles Dornberger - Campus Capers; Sam Lanin - I Remember You from Somewhere; Smith Ballew - Drifting with the Crowd; Ozzie Nelson - Mary (I'm in Love with You); Freddy Martin - Shadow Waltz; Be Still My Heart; Glen Gray - Jungle Fever.

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Volume Three

© Crystal Stream Audio 2002 IDCD91
Total playing time: 78.43

Ben Selvin - Tonight's My Night with Baby; All Through the Night; Irving Aaronson - Waffles; Cole McElroy - Whose Arms are You in Tonight?; B.F.Goodrich - Silver Song Bird; Irwin Abrams - Me and My Shadow; I'm Walkin' on Air; Jan Garber - What Do I Care What Somebody Said; Nat Shilkret - Just a Night for Meditation; Waring's Pennsylvanians - Paradise; Sam Lanin - Sweetheart's on Parade; Willie Creager - Broadway Melody; Carl Fenton - Without You Emaline; Lou Gold - Hooray for Baby and Me; Rudy Vallee - You're Driving Me Crazy; Ben Bernie - Smile, Darn Ya Smile; George Olsen - Please; Isham Jones - Why Can't This Night Go on Forever; Joe Green - When the Sun Bids the Moon Goodnight; Victor Young - I've Got to Sing a Torch Song; What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander; Gene Kardos - The Gold-Diggers Song; Freddy Martin - Shadow Waltz; Bernie Cummins - I Guess it Had to Be That Way; Paul Whiteman - I Get a Kick Out of You.

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© Crystal Stream Audio 1997 IDCD12
Total playing time: 72.57

Isham Jones - Who's Sorry Now; Carl Fenton - Last Night on the Back Porch; The Columbians - Honey, I'm in Love with You; Ted Lewis - Drifting and Dreaming; Mary Ann; Harry Archer. - Who?; Paul Specht - Show That Fellow the Door; Leo Reisman - Bye-Bye, Blackbird; Howard Lanin - Black Bottom; Vincent Lopez - I'm on My Way Home; The Knickerbockers (Selvin) - The Kinkajou; Cass Hagan - Hallelujah!; Harry Reser - Shaking the Blues Away; Don Voorhees - Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man; Paul Whiteman - Ol' Man River; Nat Shilkret - That's My Weakness Now; Ipana Troubadours - A Precious Little Thing Called Love; Earl Burnett - The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Jean Goldkette - Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips; Wayne King - Song of the Islands; Hotel Pennsylvania Orch. - The Woman in the Shoe; Hal Kemp - I Found a Million Dollar Baby; Ed Lloyd - Two Little, Blue Little Eyes; Ben Selvin - You're Getting to be a Habit with Me.

Featuring vocals by Bing Crosby, Billy Jones & Ernest Hare, Johnny Marvin, Franklyn Baur, Frank Munn and others.

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Volume Two

© Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD24
Total playing time: 74.06

Paul Whiteman - Just Like a Doll; Bennie Krueger - Wonder If She's Lonely Too; The Radiolites - Hello Aloha! (How are You?), Nevertheless I'm in Love with You; Cass Hagan - Sometimes I'm Happy; Abe Lyman - Just Another Day Wasted Away; Harry Reser - Ooh! Maybe it's You; Edwin J. McEnelly - What are We Waiting for?; Nat Shilkret - You're Wonderful; Ted Lewis - She's Funny That Way; Jean Goldkette - Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; Ipana Troubadours - My Sweeter Than Sweet, Many Happy Returns of the Day; Hotel Pennsylvania Music - Should I?, Confessin' (That I Love You), My Baby Just Cares for Me; The High Hatters - Ten Cents a Dance; Victor Arden & Phil Ohman - What a Fool I've Been; Fred Rich - Pardon Me Pretty Baby; Wayne King - I Don't Know Why (I Just Do); Leo Reisman - Stormy Weather; Isham Jones - Blue Prelude; Don Bestor - Moonstruck; Eddy Duchin - Dames.

featuring vocals by Irving Kaufman, Smith Ballew, Lewis James, Franklyn Baur, Frank Munn, Harold Arlen and others.

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Electrical Recordings
1927 to 1929

© Crystal Stream Audio 1999 IDCD26
Total playing time:73.36

Joe Green & His Novelty Orchestra - Did You Mean it?; So Tired; Ernie Golden & His Hotel McAlpin Orch. - An Old Guitar and an Old Refrain; (Hooray, Hooray) It's Ray Ray Raining; Jack Kaufman & the 7 Blue Babies - There Ought to be a Law Against That; Since She Learned to Ride a Horse; Mama's Grown Young Papa's Grown Old; Piccadilly Players - Old Man Sunshine; If You Don't Love Me; Lady of the Morning; Oreste & His Queensland Orch. - Ten Little Miles from Town; Anything You Say; B.A. Rolfe & His Palias D'Or Orch. - Roses of Yesterday; It Must be Love; Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies - Heaven Help a Sailor on a Night Like This; Outside; Arthur Fields & His Assassinators - I Faw Down an' Go Boom; Golden Gate Orch. - The One That I Love Loves Me; B.A. Rolfe & His Lucky Strike Orch. - Hello Sweetie; Dance of the Paper Dolls; The Edisonians - When Day is Done.

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